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Property Listing

While listing your property, you have various options to add to attract more people to your property. The features you can add includes utilities, pictures etc. Manage your property, review and talk to you potential tenants.

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Advanced in-app Messaging Functionality

Using the in-app MESSAGE function, you can connect to the landlords, tenants, individuals looking for shared rooms, real estate agents, and other service providers. This handy feature gives you the number of benefits as the search for roommates or talks to the landlords directly to avoid any middleman.

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Reward Program

Our app is not just a home finder, but there are exiting rewards for you. Flooded with the plethora of gifts, our Reward Program is best of all the property rent apps.

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Another powerful feature of 【BeonHomes】,designed for people to find roommates, discover promotion deals and coupons, participate in the daily topics, share your stories and seek help from professionals all over the world. You can also answer questions as an expert to gain more exposure.

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Our Community

We have included the most popular communities in our app including education district colleges, universities, and living communities where have the most various entertainment facilities and the highest housing demand. You don’t have to move an inch: surfing and checking out listings, deals and topics that appeal to you in your community zone.

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